Birds Weissbrand 0,5L (42,2% Vol.)
Birds Weissbrand 0.5L (42.2% Vol.)

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Birds Weissbrand comes from the same distillery as The Wolf and picks up where the latter left off when it comes to teaching mixologists what it means to really enjoy a drink. Birds was first introduced at the Bar Convent Berlin 2015 where it was already clear that this is something big. Birds Weissbrand contains finest botanicals from five continents!

Birds is based on delicious Riesling wine from Moselle that is turned into 150 proof brandy at the brand’s headquarters. 12 botanicals from all over the world are then macerated for four days in this brandy. There are apples, orange peels and blackcurrant from Europe, cloves and voatsiperifery pepper from Africa, licorice and star anise from Asia, eucalyptus and mace from Australia and angelica root, cocoa shells and pink pepper berries from America. After a second distillation and a resting phase, the crystal clear Birds Weissbrand reaches its final form with 42.2% alcohol.

You don’t have to let this high-class drink breathe first in your glass - its aromas are immediately present. Discover them in an elaborate tasting without any mixers or other falsifying elements!

Additional Information

Brand Birds
Flavour angelica, anise, apple, berries, carnations, citrus fruit, cocoa, eucalyptus, fruit, licorice, nutmeg, orange, pepper, red fruits
bar code 42307228
ABV (%) 42.2
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Weissbrand Distilling GmbH, Eimsbütteler Straße 57, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

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