Sash & Fritz
Sash & Fritz Wodka Freundschaftspaket 2x0,1L (40% Vol.)
Sash & Fritz Wodka Freundschaftspaket 2x0,1L (40% Vol.)

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This set contains:
  • 1 x Sash & Fritz Friendship Set (2x0.1L in case)
  • 1 x Sash & Fritz Wodka Flyer

July 30th is the International Day of Friendship! On this delightful occasion, we offer the Sash & Fritz Friendship Package for a special price. The package includes two 0.1L mini bottles of vodka, which are presented in a high quality case.

This set is a celebration of not just friendship, but also the Sash & Fritz brand! It stands for the special relationship between Tsar Alexander I and Friedrich Wilhelm III. Therefore, this German vodka should be understood as a symbol of the close relationship between the two heads of state: it unites Russian tradition with German precision. Wine merchant and sommelier Peter Steger was responsible for the creation of this quality friendship vodka. His career of more than 30 years is reflected in the quality of the vodka: among others, Sash & Fritz Vodka won a gold medal at the World Spirits Awards in 2016, and at the International Spirits Challenge in 2016 it was named the "Best German Vodka".

Sash & Fritz is produced in a small, traditional distillery in Northern Germany. During manufacturing, only the finest ingredients are used. And plenty of time is taken for distillation and filtration: both processes are repeated five times. This result is an inimitable, soft vodka.

Additional Information

Brand Sash & Fritz
Type of vodka Pure vodka
Flavour cereal, fruit, light fruits, sweet
Made from Wheat
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Sash & Fritz GmbH, Mohrenstraße 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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