About us

Urban Drinks is the number one online location for drinks from the hip-hop and R&B world.

Our shop is the top online retailer of drinks with direct or indirect links to big names from the world of music. From Eazy-E's favourite malt liquor to Jay Z's very own champagne brand, and from Diddy's vodka to Dr Dre's favourite gin, Urban Drinks is the place. Many of our products are available exclusively here. The project is unique around the world: we offer you the chance to find out about the favourite drinks of your favourite stars and order them instantly. Lyrics, videos, and biographies are all there to complete this unique shopping experience.

Our selection of products has grown enormously since we began with these musical roots, and though we've by no means forgotten where we came from, we're now knee deep in the bar culture game too. If there's a premium craft gin or an artisan vodka to be had, you can bet you'll find it here.

We know the value of personal contact and exhaustive customer service. Our customer-orientated ethos defines our work in all areas from research, to product selection, to efficient delivery.

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