Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon 12oz 0,355L (4,7% Vol.)
Pabst Blue Ribbon 12oz 0.355L (4.7% Vol.)

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Papst Blue Ribbon, a.k.a. PBR, is one of the most trendy and popular beers in the USA. It is consumed by hip youngsters in big cities in the States and by the elders who have always drunk it, but it is also bought by more and more “normal” people who want to hop on the trend bus.

PBR is an older beer brand that had reached its peak in the seventies. By the early nineties, the profits sunk to a historic low. In the early years of the millennium, lots of breweries had to be shut down and nobody at Papst Blue Ribbon knew whether they should keep on brewing. PBR had a big image problem because it was still aimed at male buyers between 40 and 60. During this time, bad boy Kid Rock was seen wearing a belt buckle that showed the PBR logo and popular snowboarders confessed that their favourite beer was PBR. This was the beginning of a shifting image towards a young and trendier customer group.

When PBR became popular among hipsters in Portland, Oregon, the beer was finally saved, as from that point on, Papst Blue Ribbon made its way into the trendiest bars all over the country.

Additional Information

Brand Pabst Blue Ribbon
Type of beer Lager
Flavour cereal, malty
bar code 02207111
ABV (%) 4.73
Country of origin United States
Manufacturer or importer Sélection Prestige GmbH, Pariser Str. 3, 10719 Berlin

barley's malt, hops, cereals

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