Courvoisier XO 0,7L (40% Vol.)
Courvoisier XO 0.7L (40% Vol.)

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Created with a unique blend of very old cognacs resulting in a supremely rich product. With its harmonious yet complex character, Courvoisier XO is a perfect balance of intense flavors: intensely aromatic and flavorful with a velvet texture and redolent bouquet with hints of orange, apricot, and pear. It is very rich and complex with aromas of chocolate, vanilla and amber, and the old Borderies add exotic and bakery spices. The finish is very long and mellow with great depth and long development.

This great cognac is not only valued by connoisseurs. First and foremost today's jetset embraces this cognac. And when given the choice, celebrities like P. Diddy, Pharrell, and Busta Rhymes will certainly choose the XO variant, as it contains eaux-de-vie aged between 20 and 35 years giving it its classy character: rich and full-bodied, yet still exceptionally smooth.

Additional Information

Brand Courvoisier
Age Grade XO
Ageing time 20 year(s)
Flavour chocolate, dried fruit, orange, pine, toffee
bar code 3049197800090
ABV (%) 40
Country of origin France
Manufacturer or importer Courvoisier, 16200 Jarnac, France

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