Copperhead Gin Alchemist Box 0,65L
Copperhead Gin Alchemist Box 0.65L

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You want the perfect drink for each mood? The Copperhead Gin Alchemist Box fulfils this wish! The elegant box contains a bottle of Copperhead Gin and three corresponding essences, which give you the opportunity to take matters into your own hands - just like an alchemist. The highly aromatic drink in the copper bottle comes from Belgium. The gin is aromatised with only five botanicals: juniper, angelica root, coriander seeds, cardamom and orange peels. Even on its own, Copperhead Gin is a real tasting experience!

It's even better when there are three different essences, which pimp your drink according to your mood. They are called Aperitivum, Digestivum and Energeticum. The first one is perfect to prepare your senses for a beautiful meal. The second one helps you with the digestion of said meal. And the third one gives you a nice energy kick when needed. Depending on the situation, you simply have to add 4 to 8 drops of the respective essence to your drink, for example a gin & tonic. Wait a little and be amazed at the astonishing effect of your fun little experiment!

Attention: Do not drink the essences pure. Add only a few drops of one essence to your glass!

This box includes:

  • 1x Copperhead Gin 0.5L (40% Vol.)
  • 1x Copperhead Aperitivum 0.05L (76% Vol.)
  • 1x Copperhead Digestivum 0.05L (79% Vol.)
  • 1x Copperhead Energeticum 0.05L (77% Vol.)

Additional Information

Brand Copperhead
Type of gin London Dry Gin
Flavour angelica, cardamom, citrus fruit, coriander, juniper, orange
bar code 5425036320062
ABV (%) 48.615
Country of origin Belgium
Manufacturer or importer Damier NV, Grote Markt 41, 8500 Courtrai / Kortrijk, Belgium

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