Law Ibiza Dry Gin 0,7L (44% Vol.)
Law Ibiza Dry Gin 0.7L (44% Vol.)

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Law Gin is a premium quality gin in the London Dry style from the beautiful and lively island of Ibiza. This fine spirit shows the love of this Spanish island which has much more to offer, as the manufacturer says, than just parties and sandy beaches. There are also dense pine forests, a historic culture, orange and lemon groves on fertile red soil, and spring wild flowers, bushes, lush juniper, and so much more. You can hardly imagine better conditions for creating a great gin. The lifestyle of the free-spirited island which calls to so many travellers is one of relaxed tolerance: "Ab libitum" (to each their own) as the slogan goes.

The three people behind Law Gin are Luna, Alexander, and Wolfgang, and they work only with natural ingredients and produce their gin in small batches. The gin is gently distilled in a traditional alembic (the original form of a copper distillery) and avoids the addition of any sugar or artificial aromas. Only the finest botanicals are used in Law Gin, including hand-picked common juniper, a small touch of Phoenician juniper, green cardamom, coriander seed, orris root, Spanish cucumber, and fresh citrus peel. In addition, there are botanicals which are specialties of the island, like prickly pear and Padrón peppers. The final magical ingredient in Law Gin is the distillation of salt from the famous salt works of Ibiza. You can taste the balmy atmosphere of the island in every sip of gin!

Enjoy LAW Gin neat or in long drinks such as a Gin & Tonic. As for which tonic water you should use, we'll leave that up to the motto of the island: to each their own!

Additional Information

Brand Law
Type of gin Dry Gin, London Dry Gin
Flavour cardamom, citrus fruit, coriander, cucumber, iris root, juniper, prickly pear, salty
bar code 040232870835
ABV (%) 44
Country of origin Spain
Manufacturer or importer LAW – Spirit of Ibiza S.L., Crta. Santa Eulalia, Km2, 07840 Sta. Eulalia, Ibiza, Spain

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