MOM Gin 0,7L (39,5% Vol.)
MOM Gin 0.7L (39.5% Vol.)

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MOM is known as the Queen of the Gins, and you can see its royal credentials its in elegant design. The black opaque glass bottle is emblazoned with a crown logo in hot pink, with the slogan "God Save The Gin" across the front of the bottle. As you can guess from these clues, the gin is in the London Dry style and is made in Britain.

The gin is made with exotic botanicals which are carefully combined to create a smooth and gentle spirit. The ingredients include red berries, which are infused into the gin once it has been distilled four times in a copper still. The result is a delicate, refined gin with fruity flavours and a soft mouthfeel. It makes a delightfully berry-scented gin and tonic!

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If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, gin might not be the first spirit you reach for in your bar. But aside from the traditional dry flavours of London Dry-style gins, a new wave of sweet gins are entering the market.

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Additional Information

Brand MOM
Type of gin Dry Gin, London Dry Gin
Flavour angelica, berries, Chinese cassia, coriander, cranberry, fruit, juniper, licorice, lily root, red fruits, thyme
bar code 8410023032230
ABV (%) 39.5
Country of origin Spain
Manufacturer or importer Mom Gin González Byass Distribución, Calle Alcalá 21, 28014 Madrid, Spanien

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