OMG London Dry Gin 0,5L (45% Vol.)
OMG London Dry Gin 0.5L (45% Vol.)

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OMG! No, this is not an abbreviation for the famous "oh my god" expression, this is the name of a high quality gin from the Czech Republic! OMG is a London Dry Gin that is aromatised with 16 botanicals. OMG presents a complex taste that has notes of juniper, angelica, calamus, coriander and hints of rather untraditional ingredients such as grains of paradise, lavender flower and the blossoms of small-leaved linden, the national tree of the Czech Republic.

The gin is handcrafted in the Zufánek distillery and stands out with its 45% vol. Due to the higher percentage of alcohol, the gin presents a mature character and simply tastes amazing!

The distiller suggests you just have OMG on its own over some ice, but we also like to pair this gin with a good tonic water. When you put the gin in a freezer it may occur that it gets cloudy, but this is just because of the higher amount of juniper in the gin - so don't worry about the quality of this Czech premium gin!

Additional Information

Brand OMG
Vintage none
Type of gin Dry Gin, London Dry Gin
Flavour angelica, coriander, juniper, lavender
bar code 8594053941851
ABV (%) 45
Country of origin Czech Republic
Manufacturer or importer ZUSY, s.r.o., Borsice u Blatnice 57, 687 63 Borsice u Blatnice, Czech Republic

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