Dr. Jaglas
Dr.Jaglas Golfers Gingseng Elixier 0,5L (35% Vol.)
Dr. Jaglas Golfers Ginseng Elixir 0.5L (35% Vol.)

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The Jagla family have been pharmacists for decades, passing down recipes for herbal treatments from one generation to the next. Their bitter herbal elixir was a specialty of the house, based on an old recipe from a medieval monastery. Nowadays, distillation of the herbal bitters is overseen by Dr Christina Jagla, who selects the high quality herbs and oversees the handcrafted production process.

This herbal elixir is made with ginseng root, which is bitter-sweet with earthy flavours of liquorice. In addition, the bitter liqueur is made with fine herbs like ginger, gentian, cinchona bark, cardamom, white turmeric, bitter orange peel, centaury, cinnamon bark, galangal, and saffron. The herbs are macerated by hand in small batches to ensure consistency and quality which you can taste.

Additional Information

Brand Dr. Jaglas
Type of liqueur herbal liqueur
Base Spirit neutral spirit
Flavour cardamom, carnations, gentian, ginger, ginseng, herbs, saffron
bar code 742832510349
ABV (%) 35
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Dr. Jaglas German Nature, Choriner Straße 40, 10435 Berlin, Germany

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