Heiland Doppelbockliqueur 0,5L (22% Vol.)
Heiland Doppelbockliqueur 0.5L (23% Vol.)

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The Redeemer has come to deliver us from our thirst because he is beautiful... and liquid and tasty?

That's right! Heiland Doppelbockliqueur is the go-to drink when you want to keep in touch with a higher spirit. Heiland is the German term for saviour or Redeemer, who is mischievously winking at you from the bottle label. Doppelbockliqueur is a liqueur made on the basis of a stout called Doppelbock. Its alcohol level can reach from 5 to up to 12%. It was created back in the Middle Ages when beer used to be a real luxury. In order to ship it safely to foreign countries such as Italy, the alcohol level was increased to a higher level for longer durability.

A trio from Munich called the Beer Liqueur Foundation is responsible for the production of Heiland Doppelbockliqueur. With the use of herbs and sugar they now regularly create a liqueur that is without a doubt a holy spirit. The aromas range from eucalyptus, cloves, sage, thyme, nutmeg, oregano to cinnamon - a truly delicious experience!

Additional Information

Brand Heiland
Type of liqueur others
Base Spirit others
Flavour carnations, cinnamon, eucalyptus, nutmeg, oregano, sage, sweet, thyme
bar code 4260478040014
ABV (%) 23
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer beer liqueur foundation, Birkenstraße 10, 85405 Nandlstadt, Germany

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