Hemmeter Angostura Bitter 0,2L (48% Vol.)
Hemmeter Angostura Bitter 0.2L (48% Vol.)

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Hemmeter Angostura Bitters go back to an ancient recipe from Polish doctor Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert. He developed the tonic in 1824 as protection against tropical diseases. Today the bitters are used not as a medicinal product but rather in kitchens and bars.

With an alcohol content of 48% abv, these bitters can stand up to the flavours of a cocktail and can be mixed with gin, vodka, or genever. For a cocktail such as the popular Manhattan, bitters are indispensible. Add a few drops to a glass of wine and you get a great aperitif. You can even use bitters when cooking meat, fish, sauces, or desserts, to add a special flavour.

In Hemmester Angostura bitters you'll find the bark of the Angostura tree, cinchona bark, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bitter orange, galangal, mace spice, and gentian root, among others. These ingredients delight the palate with their bitter notes and provide a unique taste for your food and drinks.

Additional Information

Brand Hemmeter
Flavour bitter, cardamom, carnations, cinnamon, citrus fruit, gentian, nutmeg
bar code 4000269100424
ABV (%) 48
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Georg Hemmeter GmbH, 85421 Erding
Additional information contains colourings

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