Pisco Portón
Pisco Portón 0,7L (43% Vol.)
Pisco Portón 0.7L (43% Vol.)

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Pisco Portón is a brand new spirit unlike any other with the mosto verde variety is the most popular amongst the rich and famous; which has already been embraced by stars such as Shakira and Pitbull. Distilled from must (grape juice) using custom made copper pot stills into an 86 proof aromatic and flavourful spirit; taken neat, it is complex and layered. When mixed, Pisco Portón creates a whole new category of cocktails, more flavourful than vodka and more subtle than tequila. Mosto verde piscos are renowned as the finest and most sought after pisco. Whilst distillers of vodka and whisky can always water their spirit back down to proof, the master distiller of Pisco Portón has only one chance to make each batch right.

With no additives in this carefully crafted product, it is perfect for drinking neat or adding new dimensions of flavour to cocktails. This new and exciting drink has already spawned dozens of cocktails which embody the fiery, passionate and alluring Latino spirit which is at its heart. Whether sipping a Cocoloco Flip, a Chocolate Lover, a Gold Inti or a Pink Passion, you will feel the spirit which embodies much of the music of Pitbull and Shakira as it takes you into the heart of this Peruvian Liqueur.

Additional Information

Brand Pisco Portón
Flavour fruit, light fruits
bar code 736040519805
ABV (%) 43
Country of origin Peru
Manufacturer or importer Sélection Prestige GmbH, Pariser Straße 3, 10719 Berlin, Germany

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