• The best way to enjoy gin: a Gin and Tonic set!

One of the most classic combination of drinks is gin and tonic water, which have been drunk together since the 1800s. Tonic water contains quinine, which used to be used as a medicinal, but tastes extremely bitter on its own. So the British navy sailors who were instructed to take tonic water for their health would mix it with gin to make it more palatable, making the earliest gin and tonics. That's how the combination of gin and tonic was first popularised, and it has been enjoyed in Britain and beyond ever since!

Picking the right gin for your Gin and Tonic

When you're picking ingredients for your gin and tonic, you want to make sure that you have a good balance. A light, subtle gin, for example, will be lost under a sweet, heavy tonic. While an assertively citrusy and junipery gin needs a tonic water with substantial bitterness to match up to it. But you can also play with these concepts to your own preference: try a salty, savoury gin with a sweet tonic water, for example, and see if you enjoy the balance.

Perfectly matched gins and tonics in our Gin and Tonic sets

If this sounds a bit complicated, don't worry. Our expert gin tasters have put together sets for our store, which include one bottle of gin and a pack of tonic water which matches it ideally. That means you can order a gin and tonic set from us and have the drinks delivered straight to your door, ready to go.

Botanicals and more to enhance you Gin and your Tonic

Once you've got a gin and tonic set, you can start building your ultimate gin and tonic. The perfect gin and tonic doesn't just come from quality gin and great tonic water, though – you can enhance your drink with the right garnishes, glass, and ice.

Garnishes for your gin and tonic: The best way to choose a garnish is to think about the botanicals which have been used to flavour your gin and your tonic water. If your tonic is flavoured with rose, for example, you could add a rose petal to your drink to bring out its flavours.

Glass for your gin and tonic: You can better enjoy your gin and tonic when you can appreciate the scents of the gin, and for that you need the right glass. Although gin and tonics are traditionally served in a collins glass, you should try a large copa glass for the best effect, as its round bowl and large mouth allow the aromas of the gin to travel upwards to your nose.

Ice for your gin and tonic: Gin tastes much better when it's cold, so you want to make sure that your gin and tonic is nicely cooled. You do that by using plenty of ice. However, if you use regular ice cubes in your gin and tonic then you might find that they melt very fast and your drink becomes too watery. To avoid this, use extra-large ice cubes, which have a smaller ratio of surface area to volume, so that they chill your gin effectively but don't melt too fast.

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