• Moonshine is now a much sought-after drink. These are your favourites!

Moonshine is the hottest new drinks category

Have you tried moonshine yet? This traditional American spirit has exploded in popularity in Europe in recent years, and we have all the hottest brands of moonshine in stock. Moonshine is unaged whisky, meaning that once the moonshine is distilled it is drunk straight away, instead of resting in oak barrels like whisky does. That means that moonshine has a real boozy kick to it, so it's not for the faint of heart!

However, new moonshines are often flavoured with fruits or sweeteners like honey, to make a moonshine drink which is sippable and can even be mixed into long drinks. You can try flavours like cherry moonshine, apple pie moonshine, or even fruit punch moonshine.

The History of Moonshine

Moonshine first grew to popularity during Prohibition, when selling alcohol was forbidden and many people started to illegally distil their own spirits at home. Especially in rural states like Kentucky or Tennessee, home distilling had always been popular and became more and more common when alcohol was not available legitimately.

The traditional spirit to distil in the US was whisky, as it could be made with the corn or rye that was bountifully available from farm land. However, whisky needs to be put into wooden barrels for several years once it has been distilled in order to take on the characteristics of caramel and toasty flavours. The early home distillers didn't have time to let their spirits sit in barrels for years, and they couldn't risk having their stash discovered and confiscated. So people began drinking unaged whisky instead, and the tradition of moonshine was born.

Moonshine Makes a Comeback

In 2009, the state of Tennessee passed legislation which made it legal to operate small-scale distilleries, and moonshine could finally be made legitimately. Since then, more and more moonshine distilleries have opened as the rest of the world discovers a taste for this unusual spirits. Most moonshine distilleries still follow the traditional recipe and method of corn meal, sugar, yeast, and water, which is mixed into a mash ferments and is then heated so that the alcohol evaporates. The alcohol steam passes into a cooler pipe which causes it to condense, leaving a strong alcoholic liquid from which the impurities have been removed.

Although moonshine used to have a reputation for making people go blind, there's no need to worry now! Modern moonshine has to pass rigorous safety checks to make sure that it's safe to drink. And in fact, it was not the booze itself which used to make people sick, but rather the habit which many moonshine makers had of using old radiators for condensing their spirits. If these radiators weren't properly cleaned before use, then they would leech chemicals into the spirits which could cause headaches and even blindness. Luckily, with modern safe distillation methods this isn't a problem any more!

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