Don Ruffin
Don Ruffin Rum 0,7L (43% Vol.)
Don Ruffin Rum 0.7L (43% Vol.) (organic)

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This quality organic rum is produced in Germany from molasses imported from South America, which are distilled in a wood-fired copper pot still. The beginning and the end of the distillate (also known as the heads and the tails) are set aside so that only the purest rum from the middle of the batch is bottled. The rum is aged in American and French oak barrels and is finished in casks which previously held sherry, to give a rich and woody note to the spirit. The maturation is performed in small casks for a fast and intense process, to give this rum an abv of 43%.

The American oak barrels in which the rum is aged impart aromas of vanilla, crème brûlée, and caramelised almonds, while the French oak adds subtle hints of tobacco, along with fruity molasses and sweet sherry. The final result is a rum which is strong in the nose and opulent on the palate, which lead Don Ruffin to win a double gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2016.

Additional Information

Brand Don Ruffin
Flavour caramel, fruit, molasses, oak, tobacco, vanilla, wood
bar code 4035766503898
ABV (%) 43
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Feingeisterei, Auf dem Gut 4C, 21493 Basthorst, Germany

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