Freimut Vodka 0,5L (40% Vol.) (bio)
Freimut Wodka 0.5L (40% Vol.) (bio)

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Freimut Wodka is produced in Wiesbaden by the Freimut Spirituosen company. The company's goal was to create a vodka that stands in contrast to most others in the category with its character and full flavour. The spirit has a great taste of its own which is entirely natural.

Full-bodied rye and malt aromas make this 100% organic German rye vodka an experience to remember. Freimut Wodka is not filtered, which allows its unique flavour to come through undistorted. The Northern German Champagne Rye which is used, grown in fields in Niederlausitzer heathland, lends the vodka a savoury taste. A partial malting of the grain, lots of practical knowledge, an easy attitude, and the appropriate distillation apparatus does the rest.

The manufacturers recommend drinking this vodka pure, and ideally at a temperature of about 15°C. The principle not to force another flavour onto the natural taste applies here! Try this in a cocktail like a Martini, or enjoy it in a long drink with your preferred soft drink.

Freimut Wodka won many awards for its outstanding character, among them the title „Best Vodka in the World“ at the Global Vodka Awards 2015 in London.

Additional Information

Brand Freimut
Type of vodka Pure vodka
Flavour caramel, chocolate, nutty, vanilla
Made from Wheat
bar code 4260388790054
ABV (%) 40
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Freimut Spirituosen GmbH, Oderstraße 18, 65201 Wiesbaden, Germany

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