Held Vodka 0,7L (37,5% Vol.) NEU
Held Vodka 0.7L (37.5% Vol.)

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You are about to make an acquaintance with a mighty fine spirit from Berlin. Held Vodka, which is German for "hero vodka", is a real kid from the city with its history reaching back to the Roaring Twenties. The family business is over a hundred years old and started when the Meisners opened their distillery in Upper Silesia in 1906. The Berlin-based part of the family would then go on to come up with a vodka recipe in the 20s and started producing it in a backyard, as is customary for a product of Berlin. Soon, selected customers were buying the drink, and Held Vodka became more and more successful. The fun stopped with World War II, but was revived again in 2005, when two Berliners by choice randomly stumbled upon the popular vodka. It is now produced again with the use of the original recipe.

Held Vodka is a definite sipping vodka, thanks to the smoothness it derives from a threefold distillation and different filtration techniques. It is based on sugar beets mash and thus comes with a mild and clean taste!

Additional Information

Brand Held
Type of vodka Pure vodka
Flavour cereal
Made from Others
Vintage none
ABV (%) 37.5
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer or importer Held Vodka GmbH, Lobeckstraße 30-35, 10969 Berlin, Germany

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