Kabumm Vodka 0,7L (40% Vol.)
Kabumm Vodka 0.7L (40% Vol.)

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Paul Würdig alias Sido seemingly has everything he could ever have wished for. The German rap star has won numerous prestigious awards and is enormously successful. Something has however been missing - at least in his eyes. Sido has wished for a long time to create his very own vodka. He even ventured to Austria during his quest for a partner who has mastered the skill of distilling delicious vodkas. And he found him in Josef Farthofer. Farthofer is as professional as they come with an assortment of 40 different spirits - why would he lose sleep over one more vodka?

Kabumm Vodka, however, is not just some vodka - it is downright exceptional. It is manufactured with the use of a grain basis containing winter wheat as well as hulless oat, a rather rare grain type. The mix is combined with fresh water from a spring owned by the Farthofer family. The mash is distilled up to an astounding 30 times over a customised column. After so many distillation steps, filtration is not even needed.

And that’s what’s in store for you when you have a taste of Kabumm Vodka: it is crystal clear and even seems to glow. The smell of the drink unveils notes of citrus and grain. Kabumm combines spiciness with sweetness and is extremely clean. On the palate, it shows off fruitiness, exoticness, mildness and softness. The warming finish proves that Kabumm is definitely a premium vodka of the highest order and worth the wait not only for Sido fans but also for vodka lovers!

Additional Information

Brand Kabumm
Type of vodka Pure vodka
Flavour cereal, citrus fruit, exotic fruits, fruit, sweet
Made from Grain mix
Vintage none
bar code 9120046541495
ABV (%) 40
Country of origin Austria
Manufacturer or importer Destillerie Farthofer, Öhling 35, 3362 Öhling, Niederösterreich, Austria

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